Education is considered as panacea of societal evils, and hence it is imperative for the nation towards progressivism with vitality and reassurance. The enterprise should therefore endeavor to develop life-long learners charged with spirits to acquire, validate, articulate and value knowledge and skills, thus, enabling them to contribute globally.

Our vision of the School is to develop sound personality, encompassing all facets of life with futuristic outlook. We strive to promote social, emotional, physical and cognitive development by providing opportunities and encouragement. The College focuses on multipronged strategy to include academics par excellence, inculcating the spirit of discipline, professional aptitude, and facing challenges with resilience and determination. We are committed to providing an inclusive environment whereby, cadets excel in the competing world and learn the value of religious and cultural differences and are therefore expected to exhibit respect and tolerance as harbingers of cultural ethos and religious norms.

The School has an exclusive environment to provide appetite for sports, adventure, fitness and martial arts. It has well-equipped Science, Language and Computer laboratories with the latest teaching and learning devices to impart scientific knowledge with participation and results. The purpose is to help them cadets choose career paths of their preference and priority. In the process, we also attempt to realize their true potential, so as to provide society with proud, productive, responsible and compassionate leaders of the future.

It is expected that cadets and their families are well taken care off, for their association with the College and trust in our system, and that our enterprise is mutually benefiting and socially rewarding.